Our Vision: 

Bringing Out the Best

Our Mission: 

To transform the lives of at risk children and youth, through personal mentoring and life changing learning, building the skills and attitudes necessary to overcome adversity, achieve success and discover their blueprint for life.


Our Values

Dream big

we believe that everyone is capable of living a life that influences and builds hope in those around them

See and be the best

we believe in seeing the best in people, and ourselves, and drawing it out

Inspire and create

we believe in providing an environment and atmosphere where people are inspired to see and develop their full potential, and where we approach all situations/opportunities with creativity and excellence

Live life

we believe in enjoying life to its fullest, having fun and supporting each other throughout all experiences

Our Approach

  • Aroha – outworking our mission and vision through developing and sustaining positive relationships that acknowledge and build on our students/tauira strengths and passions, while building a healthy and productive sense of self-identity within them and their whānau
  • Integrity – modelling and developing moral, ethical and spiritual principles and beliefs, providing a foundation for consistency of actions and words, within staff members and our students/tauira
  • Mahitahi – working with all stakeholders and the community to build a network of support and an effective plan – a blueprint, so that together we can achieve positive change in the lives of our students/tauira
  • Compassion – carefully selected team members who are committed to bringing out the best in their students/tauira, are willing to think and act creatively to achieve results, place the care and welfare of their students/tauira as their highest priority, and who are able to effectively work with other stake-holders
  • Manaakitanga – providing a service that cares for the well-being/mana of all involved through: being consistently welcoming and responsive; promoting an atmosphere of excellence and potential; developing and promoting moral leadership; and always celebrating success